Tuesday, March 9, 2021


      Ordinarily I'm a very low key, mellow fellow. I don't worry.

  The mellow fellow about 30 years ago. 

  However, this week it was very different. I suffered some anxiety and worry. 

      Apparently my sister-in-law put on Face book that she had moved to the next town. Now the only reason I can see for moving to the next town is that there is a nursing home. Some of her friends were offering hugs and all kinds of support. So that really got me worried about what was going on. Had a sudden change in health put her in the nursing home?

     I email my brother every couple of weeks and he replies that everybody is OK. The last email I sent was not answered. Can you see more anxiety. I didn't want so say anything stupid so I emailed my nephew who always answers very promptly...usually in a few minutes. He didn't answer me right away so the anxiety was building.

    What do I do now?

    Fortunately, my nephew replied the next day.  His Mom and Dad had got a new computer. When they were trying to set it up, it would not accept the name of their little village . However, it would accept the next town which is much bigger . So that's where the quip came from that , "I have moved to L." The computer address will be L.

I still haven't emailed them and they haven't emailed me. However , they do read my blog and will find out the unplanned trick they played on me. 

    Now what can I do to get back at them?