Thursday, April 11, 2019


    Yesterday I had five eye tests in 6 hours! I started at 8:30 AM  with a pressure test and peripheral vision test. At 10:30 AM  I had another pressure test. At 12:30  PM I had another pressure teat and and at 2:30 I had a final pressure test. The two hours between tests meant that if I was going back home it was for only a few minutes and to sit for two hours waiting for the next test was terribly boring.

     I stayed from 8:30 to 10:30 and went home in between the others.

    All my pressure result were 17 to 23 . For my peripheral vision I only missed one dot.

    So what was this all about?  My optometrist found pressures in the 27- 28 range. He also found a spot in the peripheral vision test that I was missing. He didn't know why I had these results  and worried about this so sent me to an opthamologist.

     The opthamologist found thicker than usual corneas and that will cause a higher pressure reading. So the real pressure is much lower. The thickness of the cornea and pressure relationship was only discovered a short time ago. So the high pressure was explained. They used a different pressure test apparatus for me.

     As for the peripheral vision results? I think maybe the optometrist's machine may be a problem.

     Anyway a long day gave me some good results. By the end of the tests my eyes were a little sore as they put a little numbing stuff before they do the test. I don't have to worry about glaucoma.