Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sequel to my Predicament

          A few posts ago I did a piece called "Predicament" where I described how our lock wore out and we were unable to unlock it and get in the house.

        Well that lock had to be replaced very soon and that was another adventure. We went to our favorite building supply center that has some people knowledgeable about locks. Home Farm Girl insists that she has to have exactly the same lock to replace the old one because the same lock is on the front door. She will move heaven and earth to find the exact replacement lock. Our lock was a 1963 model as that is when our house was built.

       The first guy we ran into was about as helpful as a coat of paint. He knew that the lock we had was not produced any more and then he tried to sell us the lock which is most popular today. This disappointed Home Farm Girl and she was ready to start on a marathon search for the exact lock. She was sure it could be found somewhere in some one's supply of locks. About this time a little dumpling of a guy came along and asked coat of paint what the problem was. Dumpling said yes, these locks are no longer produced, but we have some in the back corner. Dumpling went to the corner and came back with the exact lock. Home Farm Girl was absolutely pleased and amazed. Now Dumpling says, " It's a Weiser lock and they have life time guarantees so you get the lock free. I thought Home Farm Girl would really lose it as for her there is nothing better if it's free  especially if she was expecting to pay for it.

       So in less than two minutes Home Farm Girl was on her way with a free lock and a reluctant handyman to install it. After filing the striker plate for  while I got the new lock to fit perfectly. Now the door closes  with a soft "clasp" and so works better than it ever has.