Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Searchin Good Time

        My daughter is getting married in July. It's an important event as I have only one daughter and she's 39 years old. So I look forward to her wedding with a certain degree of anticipation and excitement.

       I am not a shopper. I think I've said that on this blog a few times. On the other hand my wife loves to shop and has great talent in the area. So last summer wasn't soon enough for her to buy wedding clothes. We got right at it. Soon I had a super shirt, tie, pants and belt. For an outdoor summer wedding these threads would be perfect for an old guy.

       Continuing on with the excitement of wedding preparations, my wife is now gathering up the luggage, documents, clothing and anything remotely related to the trip.

       Today my wife hit a snag. She had hung up all the wedding clothes in one place. However , the belt we had bought was nowhere to be found. We looked on all the hooks for holding belts. We looked on all the pants with belts on. We looked under beds, in drawers, and went through all closets containing clothes. I was maligned to some extent. I was accused of leaving a pair of pants somewhere with the new belt on them. I don't ever remember coming home with out pants. For me , I think I would have been in big trouble to come home without pants. She wondered if I'd gone somewhere and changed clothes for some reason and left a pair of pants behind. Not me. I don't do that stuff.

      The search resumed after supper and was widened to areas we hadn't looked in before. We were soon stumped as this search made no sense. We tried to think where we'd been and why the belt may have been worn.

     I decided to take another look at the belts on pants hanging in the closet. I looked at the buckles this time.What do you know ? The second belt I checked was the missing belt. The belt was good on two sides . I had used the brown side. We were looking for a black belt. We were also looking for a little different buckle.

      So when the lost is found there is great relief. A certain amount of anxiety and anger suddenly dissipates. The yelling stops and quiet returns.  Now I don't have to go to my daughter's wedding with my pants hanging down.