Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I could be Driving Well Past My Prime!

    I am already in the loop for elderly drivers. When I turned 75 I had to pass a medical before I could renew my license. The medical was fairly superficial and easy to pass. Eyes were checked. Blood pressure taken. A few questions were asked and check marks placed where applicable. I have epilepsy and it is controlled by medication so I can drive. With that I was given a driver's license until I turn 80.

    When I turn 80 I will only get a one year license and have to pass a medical each year to get it.

    Okay that's the ticket to keep a license when your elderly. I would like regulations  to be more stringent and have a driver's road test. In fact, I think drivers of all ages should have a road test.

    So I can see down the road that someday I may lose my driving privileges.

     But wait a minute! Technology may be riding to my rescue.

     The technology is here to have cars move in traffic without a human driver. They've been tested. 

     When computer technology can successfully be applied to drive cars, the blind will be able to drive their own cars. We know that GPS is highly accurate. The GPS could easily be voice activated and controlled. Now GPS can give you voice instructions.Cars nowadays are really just one big sensor. What's the problem with a few more sensors which will steer the car  in the right direction, read and obey all traffic signs? These cars would stay in the right lanes and sense all objects around them. These cars could even be programmed not to go over the speed limit. Drunks could get home as they wouldn't be driving the car. 

   .. and little old guys could still drive their cars long after they've lost their licenses. So once I lose my license the computer can take over for me and take me from place to place. Hey, I could even go on a long road trip. Come to think about it , they should include a sensor that indicates that the driver is still living!