Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Was Eyeballed Yesterday

      Yesterday I was eyeballed. Not once but three times. It's gone to my head! My head is two sizes bigger!

       My friend Tom believes that children should walk to school. My place is between his place and the school. Since I've known the kids from the start. He asked if I wouldn't mind if the kids could use my house in case they had any difficulties. The kids haven't had any difficulties and they've not had to call at my house. But I have had many awesome visits with them. If I'm out in the yard and they are coming up the street , I get a wave and that means a visit. Since they are both great talkers that means a rather long pleasant visit. They are both bright and the topics they talk about are quite advanced. They are still kids and very enjoyable.

      This year April 's brother goes to Middle School and can't walk with her. April has a good friend Philip to walk with. So yesterday I got the wave and met them for a chat. I had not met Philip before but it only took him about thirty seconds to warm up. I learned that obsidian also has a green form. I thought obsidian was only black. That's the kind of kids they are. We had our visit and off they went.

     Now I talked to Tom and he told me that his neighbor had seen April talking to a strange man on the street. Tom's neighbor drove around the block so she could check again. April seemed to be comfortable and happy talking to the strange man. Another trip around the block and the man was keeping a proper distance away from April and Philip. So the neighbor concluded that everything was alright.

     So I was eyeballed and didn't know it!

    So I'm happy that a neighbor knew these kids and was caring enough to keep her eye on them. I'm happy that she reported to April's Dad.

   A picture of these two kids would have been awesome. Would I post a picture of them? No. Pictures on the Internet and blogger are not secure. I wouldn't want pictures of children to get into the wrong hands. The only thing I can do is not post their pictures.