Wednesday, February 17, 2021


     Sometimes we have a streak of good luck and at other times bad luck hits us over and over again.

     I had some bad luck the other day and before I knew it my luck had turned.

     I had to tighten the handle on my kitchen sink which required the use of a small Allan wrench. As can happen wrenches can magically slip and go flying away. This Allan wrench chose to go down my sink drain before I could see it. In other words the wrench goes down the drain and stops in the trap. Oh ! why didn't I put the cover on the drain.

Well. when a problem occurs you immediately begin looking at how it can be solved. The Micro Manager happened to be there and immediately said , "Have we got a magnet? Red says , "Can I take the pipes apart and get the wrench out."

     Well I admit the the magnet use would be the most sensible. You can see the magnet the Micro Manager found. It's a magnet on a telescoping rod. Whoops! The end of the magnet was too large to go down the holes in the drain. 

     Well, look around and see if there's something else that could be improvised.  For some reason I decided to look in a cheap tool kit my daughter left me. To my great surprise there was another telescoping rod with a magnet. 

     I put the magnet down the drain very carefully. There was a small bend that I didn't think I got around. I was checking to see how to navigate the bend when I suddenly noticed that the Allan wrench on the end of the magnet. What a surprise.

     So some bad luck turned very quickly into some good luck. 

     So the Micro Manager and I had a good laugh.