Wednesday, October 26, 2016


      A few weeks ago a young woman in her 20's told me that she had got married in September. I was very happy for her as she's just a super person. 

      I was reminded by email that I had a medical appointment with her. I looked at the name on the email and it wasn't who I expected. A second look told me that it was her husband's name and she was Mrs--- I was surprised as I think most young women keep their maiden name when they marry of a hyphenated name.

     I told her of my surprise at a different name and said I thought I had been changed from being her patient. Then she told me the reason. It had to do with continuation of the male family name. The guy she married was the last male in that line of the  family.

    This really got me thinking. Continuing the family name? The male family name or female family name. Now I know lineage is important for genealogy research. But does it have to be the male lineage or female lineage that's followed.

     Now those who spend time in genealogy know that there are many challenges. In my family my Dad changed the spelling of our family name. At the time his family just about disowned him. However, in years to come, what difficulties will people face in trying to trace family lineage? Other families have legally changed their family name. Then there are the crooks who invent aliases for themselves.

      In my case I have a son and a daughter. I have 2 grand daughters. Some people might freak about that situation.

    Now lineages can be done whether there is a patriarchal or matriarchal system. The society must agree to a system. The Iroquois and Navajo had matriarchal systems.

    Now I had a good laugh at my daughter when she got married. She had said for years that she would keep her name when she got married. We finally got the old girl married off when she was 39. What did she do but take her husband's name. What was her excuse? She was applying for American citizenship and thought someone may take issue with her keeping her name. She thought someone may doubt her sincerity to becoming an American citizen.

    So I'm wondering about people's preoccupation with the continuation of the name. I know that in my grandparents and parents day keeping the family name "going ." was important.