Wednesday, February 14, 2018


       I live in Canada and I don't have to tell you our closest neighbor is. For the most part the United states is a very good neighbor. The people are great neighbors but they don't know very much about us.. Some of the politicians and are scary and some of the government policies don't make sense to me.

     Well, where am I going with this. A few weeks ago there was a situation where some regulation  had to be passed or the American government would run out of money and the government would have to shut down. What is going on here?  Why is there such a law? Can somebody please explain how this law works.

    What happens if some government doesn't have money to spend for a long time and it's bills are not paid? How long will it be before businesses owed money by the government become bankrupt. And when you get a few bankruptcies it might snowball. So the economy of the country collapses. 

     Why am I concerned? That goes back to the closest neighbor thing in the first paragraph. We have a saying here that we are like a mouse sleeping next to an elephant. As a result of American financial turmoil we will also suffer the same fate as our economies are closely related. 

    So why is there a regulation that could cause the collapse of an economy?