Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Meal

    We are used to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We still have a traditional meal. We don't have a turkey as it's about 5 times too much for us. We've found that turkey breasts are marketed and are about the right size. So I'll show you my plate and you can see what we had for the Thanksgiving feast.

     Now I know I wouldn't get much for presentation on this plate, but it was really tasty! I didn't go back for seconds because at this age I don't have that kind of appetite anymore.

    I know that many people do not have a special dinner and if they do have a dinner it's far from the traditional. If it's still nice,  many people will barbecue. I've had alternate dinners and although they are good, I prefer the traditional foods.

   How about you? Do you skip the traditional dinner? Do you have your dinner at a restaurant? Do you have an alternative kind of dinner or do you have the standard dinner? 

    I hope all Canadians have had a very good Thanksgiving weekend.