Tuesday, August 17, 2021


      I few weeks ago when I had problems with my blog I enlisted my daughter's assistance. My daughter is good with computers. If you remember I couldn't open anybody's post and read it. 

     I asked for help. Many people gave me hints and advice. Thanks to all who tried to help me. None of it worked. My daughter ended up giving the same hints...nothing new. 

    I put my daughter on my blog as an author. Then she could check my settings and change them if they need to be changed. Before she got  a chance to dig around in the settings the problem suddenly solved itself.

     Now there was another reason for getting my daughter on my blog as an author. I wanted her to do some writing on my blog. 

    So the other day I made the big pitch to her. I suggested that she write about her Dad. I gave her a few topics. 

     I talked about not asking my Dad questions before he died. So I suggested to her that she write a post asking me questions. Okay she said, "You can ask me questions." She can turn things around in a hurry. So I got a writing assignment too.

     Now I got thinking about the situation. We don't know what to ask our parents because we don't know enough about them. I could tell by the blank in her voice that she had no idea what to ask me. 

     Then I thought about asking my daughter questions. I couldn't really think of anything. I know everything about my daughter ( I think) as I have lived with her all my life even though she lives far away. 

     When my daughter was in her early twenties she suddenly bought a small condo. She did not ask for advice. She just bought the thing and made the deal by herself...no help from Dad. So I've always wondered how she put things together to make the deal. 

    How about you? What would you ask your parents? what would you ask your kids?