Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guess What? New Babies at my Place.

      Okay! I'll end the suspense. Four little Jack rabbits were born in my back yard yesterday!

      I went out to my back yard yesterday about 9:30 AM. He/she was back by my utility trailer and looked as if he/she didn't want to move very badly.I shooed him/her whatever out of the yard because I thought it might be "son of a bitch" . Now "son of a bitch" is not welcome in my yard because he/she leveled a row of lettuce in my garden. A couple of other jack rabbits crossed my front yard in the morning and afternoon.

     About 4:30 PM I noticed a rabbit under my utility trailer and I thought, "Oh ya. I know what's going to happen." She was making a scrape which is a very shallow smoothed out piece of ground. I noticed a lot of antsy movements. Usually jack rabbits will doze in a safe place and are very still. I didn't want to disturb her so I stayed in my house. I tried to get a look with my field glasses but it was too dark under the trailer. 

     A few minutes later I noticed Ma rabbit about to enter my garden so I thought nothing doing. I've lost enough. I went out and she was adamant that she owned the garden and wasn't leaving. I only wanted her out of the garden and had no intention to chase her out of the yard but out of the yard she went. So this was my chance to take a peak. There they were. Four new born little bunnies who just laid there and did not move. I took some pictures but since I have a few things to learn about taking a picture of stuff that's in the dark when the camera is in the light the results are not good.
About 30 minutes after birth

And they didn't move from one picture to the next.

 A poorer view from the other side.

    I wanted to get a shot of them when they came out from under the trailer but because I'm not the most patient photographer I didn't get them. I checked at 8:30 PM and there were only two little guys under the trailer. This morning there were no babies under the trailer.

   So although I didn't  have the babies very long it was quite an exciting few hours.