Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm Back...

      I've taken a break for a week.

      Now I tell you that a took a break so that you will know. Some of you may not have noticed that I was away!

     I can tell you that a break from Hiawatha House was very worthwhile. Yes I miss it. I miss the posts you write. I miss the comments. I also miss posting.

     So what happened? I drove to the west coast...Vancouver , B.C. Canada. 

    I took the southern most highway, the Crow. This road is narrow and winding. Many curves have an 80 kmh speed limit , some 60 and some 30. So you get the idea that the road is interesting. The scenery is just as interesting. I've lost count of how many passes we went over.

    There's a large variety of naturescapes you pass through. There's even some northern desert around Osoyoos. There's also some coast forest with large cedar and spruce. These are all beautiful areas to travel though. 

     One of the passes provided us with lots of winter snow. For a further treat it snowed in the area. Snow plows had gone through before us and it also snowed for a few minutes.

I couldn't stop further back for a better shot of this valley lake

Deep winter snow.

It  really was snowing!

Nice power  pole Red!

    Since the purpose of my trip was to spend time with the grand kids I did not stop  for photos. Rather , photos were taken where I stopped so some of the best scenery was missed.