Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Natural Playground

     Recently the Kerry Wood Nature Center in Red Deer built a natural playground. What's that you say? It's a playground built using natural materials that have been refined very little. The playground has been set in trees. Slices of logs have been cut and placed in the ground to act act stepping stones. The logs have been given a clear finish so that the patterns of the tree rings show well.  So kids hop from log to log as stepping stones. I good old maple tree has been laid on it's side so that kids have a good time crawling over the limbs.

he playground has been heavily used since it was set up. I'm amazed at how hard the kids play in this area.

    Now the other day I was hanging around waiting for the Nature Center to open so I went through the playground. I had not intended to do a blog post or I would have taken different photos.

    I hope you get the idea what a natural playground is.

The camera picked up the light in the background.