Wednesday, August 23, 2017


      I'm 77 years old so I've been through a few solar eclipses. I did some research to find out how many eclipses I'd experienced. I couldn't find a list of eclipses in the places I had lived.

     I tried to think back to any eclipses I could remember. I could only remember one when I was teaching and we had set up the kids to watch it. I believe that one was a total eclipse. I cannot remember any other solar eclipses. So either my memory is extremely poor or I'm not that interested in eclipses. 

    I would think that I won't remember this eclipse either as I was not highly excited about it. We had 80 % here and unless you were looking at the sun there was very little change. It did get noticeably cooler. The clouds were much darker. If you didn't know that there was an eclipse you wouldn't have noticed any change in light.  

     So I wasn't overwhelmed by the eclipse. I know , understand  and appreciate the significance if the event.

    I took photos at approximately ten minute intervals. The last three show some loss of light.

Anybody tired of seeing this guy yet?

                                              The end