Friday, June 12, 2009

The Road Home

    I admit that I am somewhat partial to radio. Not just any radio but select non commercial stations and then only certain programs .

     One program I find particularly satisfying is The Road Home on CKUA. The station is supported by the public and has a very different program mix and format .

     The Road Home is heard on Mon. to Thur. evenings at 9:30 PM. What's so great about this program ? It's very quiet and relaxing . Bob Chelmick the host reads some poetry , plays music which we don't hear every day and tells about his life in a cabin in the woods . So he begins a program with a current report on birds or other critters around his cabin and will often comment at great length on some project or happening that has recently occurred . The music is of a very wide range . Many times he plays new artists who we've never heard before and also plays big names such as Bob Dylan . His music usually fits in with the theme of the program .

     CKUA is heard through out Alberta on AM and FM .It's also available on and internet feed . Let me know if you find this station and what you think of it .Check out their website at