Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I tried Hard !

     A few days ago when it was full moon I looked out and saw the picture I wanted. Things were just right for me to get the big full moon and a small silhouette of spruce tree across the moon. 

     So I focused the camera and zoom zoomed and took a photo. Hm Not bad but not exactly what I wanted.

     Okay! Try a few more. I take a good look at the photos and then try something else. No way. Things got worse.

    Now I hope I learned a few things. My point and shot will sense one part of the image. I wasn't very careful checking what was sensed. I think the branch and the moon got mixed up and hand holding a zoom isn't the greatest when you're 75.

    Now maybe it would take some extra lighting on the tree to show up the branch as the photos a few minutes later didn't show much branch and the moon was right out of focus. So I guess I'll have to decide which one I want to focus on.

    I like to think I learned something. We'll see when the next full moon happens if it's not cloudy.

I almost got this one, but I didn't get the branch across the moon

I got the branch sort of but the moon got fuzzy

The tree was fine but the moon did something funny
       As I was doing this I was thinking of music with moon in it in some way. I was thinking of Elvis's Blue Moon. Now you can't have Blue Moon because that's mine. What else can you think of?