Saturday, March 27, 2010

Steven Harper: Does He Understand Rules?

       I have become more and more disillusioned with Prime minister Steven Harper as time goes by. I can accept that someone has different ideologies and appreciate how they propose and support those ideas with research and logic.

       Recently Steven Harper has been supporting issues which are somewhat suspect as to following rules and laws.

      I really wonder if Steven Harper understands anything about parliament. The operation of parliament is governed by a specific set of rules which have been developed over hundreds of years. There must be a set of agreed to rules for a parlaiment to opereate without descending into absolute chaos. For associations which have governing conventions there are agreed upon rules. An association must abide by and operate under those rules. Steven Harper is not doing that with parliament. When parlaiment passes motions which require the government to produce documents, such as the Afghganistan papers,  the government must obey. That is the law.

       One law passed by Harper was to set permanent election dates. I liked that law as it would take out some of the foolish political maneuvering on calling elections. Harper ignored his own law and broke it when he called the 2008 election. How bad can things get when you can't obey your own laws?

      Two of Steven Harper's cabinet members have recently displayed extremely poor behavior and judgement. Harper has excused them both  as having a bad day. Nonsense! Helena Geurgis had a total melt down as she was attempting to by pass security regulations. I would hate to see what would have happened to an ordinary citizen if they had behaved in the same manner. Pierre Blackburn also misbehaved at airport security. Blackburn clearly knew that he could not take on more than 100mm of  liquid. Blackburn became creepy and requested that his tequilla be destroyed in his presence. This cannot be done as it is kept for evidence if needed later. Blackburn was requesting security to break rules. Harper should not be supporting those who want to flout the law.


        A major plank in Harper's platform is to make our laws much more rigorous and that penalties would be much more severe. His behavior gives the opposite message. Leaders must support and live by those new tougher laws. If you can't abide by your own rules you end up being a total hypocrite

     I have never supported Steven Harper's position, but have gone along with his right to govern as a minority. Recently I have decide that Harper should be removed as he is not following the rule of law. Therefore, I Have joined CRUSH and hope that they influence Harper to resign.