Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where Do I Go?

    I had visitors coming for a few days last week. Quick! I need to find some places to take them .

     One good place here to take visitors is Ft. Normandeau.

     Ft. Normandeau was the first place Europeans lived in this area. Freighters had been going from Calgary to Edmonton, but there were no settlements or settlers on that route. In 1882 someone decided to set up a stopping house on the Red Deer River where the freighters forded the river. This was a place that the aboriginals forded the river. Some Europeans were smart enough too use local guides and used the river crossing. Even today, when the river is low you can wade across it. The river widens at this spot so the water is shallow.

    This location is marked by two different types of museums. One is a regular museum with dioramas and the other one has historical artifacts.  Both are small but well worth visiting.

    So on this post I'll show the rebuilt fort which is close to what the original was.

     A log house was built which was about 20 ft by 24 ft. There was a half story where people slept. It's hard to believe that the bottom story served for a kitchen, living room and work space. They crammed a
lot of stuff in a small space. A palisade was built around the building with wooden towers at the four corners.

    Our European history here is very recent as this building was erected in 1882.

The log house

The work area for washing spinning, sewing and tool storage.

A fancy sleeping area on the bottom floor.

The kitchen

A great dining table.

Now I think this sewing machine is much later than 1882.

Fort walls and tower.