Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making a Connection

      I get a lot of satisfaction when I can make a connection with two different things and discover something about both. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it's cool. 

     Yesterday Teri at Coloring Outside the Lines  had a photo of an old beat up green door. Well it happens that I remember a good song from the 1950' the Green Door. I liked the music but didn't listen too closely to the lyrics. The blogger made reference to green door being code for a speak easy. That twigged something and I remembered more of the lyrics..."the old piano behind the green door". "What's that secret you're keepin?"

    So it all came back. The singer was not allowed behind the green door but wanted to get behind the green door and enjoy the fun.

     I think speakeasies were from the prohibition era so these were illegal establishments for selling booze.

    Now the song was a 1956 hit for Jim Lowe. (Anybody remember him?) (I don't either and I liked the song)       The song was written by Marvin Moore and the music was composed by Bob Davie. Many performers recorded the Green door and had some success, but   Jim Lowe had the most success. You still hear it sometimes.

      So how many of you golden oldies remember this song?