Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Cookie Monster Visits Again

        A few posts ago I told you how I had been fooled on my statcounter when my IP number was not blocked. I thought some very wonderful person was reading my blog. After about three weeks I accidentally discovered the person visiting so much was me. I thought I blocked my cookie, but yesterday I was caught reading my own blog again.

         When I was in Chicago I used my daughter's computer to check my email and blog and a few other things. My IP number must have been changed because of that because the nice reader of my blog started right after I got home.
         So I hope this time I have blocked my cookie for good. On Statcounter you have to click on the wrench. You are given a menu and you click on IP numbers. When you get there you will see a space where you can block cookies. You either type your number in a box or your number is there and you click on your IP number and it's zapped. Well. it's zapped until I mysteriously get a new IP number.