Friday, January 24, 2014

I've Been Thinking

     Now with a tile like this I'm sure many have come backs which will have come to their minds. Many bloggers make a special post in the New year and comment on their satisfaction with their blog and point to where they would like to go in the future. I'm just getting around to thinking about my blog's future. Okay , then , on with the post.

     When I started my blog in 2008 , I had thought about what I would like to blog about. I listed eight general topics. Now I thought I would see how I was doing. Have I stuck to the topics? I'm afraid that i have strayed from my topics and posted about many other things. Why did I start thinking about my blog? Many of the posts lately seem to be about myself. I was not intending to write so much about myself. I wanted to write about things other than myself. I have covered all the topics but some of them quite rarely .  So I will tape my list of topics beside the computer and see if I can do a little better with my original intentions. So here is my first post.

  What does one say when one starts a blog ? Obviously something must be on my mind . I'm interested in the environment , music,reading, Xcountry skiing , cycling , issues of health and education ... So from time to time I will leave comments on these topics and other related issues . I hope that you find something of value ...informative, interesting or something which you wish to comment on.
     I look forward to coming up with topics and putting them together for others to think about .

    Yes, that was the very first post on Hiawatha House on Aug. 27 , 2008. I made three more posts in 2008

    I must admit that when I started the blog , I had no idea of what a blog really was. I didn't look at other blogs. My learning curve was fairly flat for the first couple of years. Although I worked very hard, it's been fun. The fun part was discovering readers and other blogs.