Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Deer River in Fall Colors

        Over the past two years I have tried to do a collection of Red Deer River pictures for winter, spring summer and fall. I did not get the fall pictures last year as I was too late and missed the best of the colors.
        I have taken all pictures from approximately the same position so that the seasons can be compared. The name of the river in this area is  river bend. There is a long lazy ess bend which makes for an interesting section of the river. The bends are approximately 2 kms in length. There are riffles and a few small rapids so it is a popular river to canoe. To go from Red Deer To Drumheller takes about four days and you will see very few other humans. You will see lots of birds, animals and a few cows who stare at you as you float by.

       At this time of the year the water level is fairly low. There are a few places where you could wade across. Most of it is deeper than wading depth. There are many large boulders so it keeps you on your toes.

       So the Red Deer River is a very enjoyable canoe trip if you have lots of time.