Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Visit with the Neurologist.

       Today was my appointment to visit the neurologist at the local Heart and Stroke Center.

        June 19th an incident occurred which sent me to the local emergency department. I was not making any new memories(amnesia) and was rather confused and frustrated. I had just sold an old outboard motor and came in the house with the money and a plan to take the item off Kijiji. Some time later I found myself at the computer and wondering why I was there. I had probably been there about 20 minutes and became frustrated by not being able to complete a task as I had not remembered what I was there for in the first place. So off to the emergency we went where I was immediately given a cat scan and no blockage was found. Other tests were done and I was observed for about three hours. I was released and sent home. However, I was referred to the heart and stroke clinic. So that's why my visit today.

      Backing up three years ago I had another incident where the amnesia lasted about 2 hours. I received the same investigation then. They could not find anything amiss and could not explain why I had the amnesia.

     So today they are still at a loss for any explanation. I am not worried about these incidents. I'm told it's unlikely to happen again. So life goes on. I will continue to maintain a strenuous regime of keeping fit and enjoying an active outdoor life style.