Thursday, June 29, 2023


       Well, it's the end of June. I didn't need to tell you that. The year is half over. You don't need to know that. 

     Since I was a teacher the end of June was a very important time of the year. The kids had been " finished" for about two weeks. They were just waiting for the year to be over. However, where I taught we had to teach in the last school day of June. 

    Now to add to the mix the caretaking staff were getting ready for their summer work. Some painting would be done. Repairs could be made to plumbing, electrical systems , wood work and floors. Much material was being delivered to the school. The caretakers were ready for the kids to leave so that they could get on with their work.

    I always think of one care taker in particular for the end of year. Angus was a character. He was a great story teller. He liked to have an audience so the school was his audience. There was always somebody around to talk to. 

    Angus was not always a school caretaker. He was a farm hand in his younger days and the stories just flowed from that part of his life. 

    Angus finally settled down and had an acreage and small house. Angus liked farm auction sales and knew a bargain when he saw one. So Angus had acquired a large number of odds and ends that he would freely loan to any teacher who wanted something. All his possessions where in good order. He knew what he had and where to find it. 

    So a number of the young teachers who were getting established did lots of work on their houses and yard. Where did you go for special tools? Angus. He loved to let you have his equipment for you to use. 

   So some of us started calling him Uncle Angus because he took an interest in helping us. 

    So at the end of June I think about the smell of wax  and Uncle Angus.