Friday, February 18, 2022


       Did I ever tell you I hate shopping? Well, my blog says I told you in five posts that I dislike shopping. 

       So what am I having to shop for now?

       The Micro Manager and I are both in our 80's. Our kids don't live near us. One in Chicago and one on the west coast. We don't have any relatives here. But this is home and we like it. However, common sense tells us that we should make some arrangements just in case the wheels fall off the bus. So we decided to look at the facilities and see what they're like. 

     So we started looking at the various types of senior accommodation. I'll tell you, "It's a zoo out there." 

     Each facility has it's own unique business model for care. So one place looked pretty good. The people were active and looked happy. The food was good and people told us they like it there. People were visiting and participating in activities. But, you pay a damage deposit and you don't get it back.

     The next place is larger. They look after dementia people . They have personal care and then independent living. People didn't seem to be doing anything. In fact, I saw very few people. The people I did see didn't look very happy or stimulated. In this facility you can transition through the stages. In the first smaller facility If you can't live independently you have to move to another facility. 

     I also found out that there are certain situations where you could be government funded but that would get very complicated and you wouldn't have a choice of where you lived. 

    There are many smaller differences too numerous to mention . In one facility you need to buy very little and the other you buy many personal items. 

    Rents are similar. 

   So we are going to look at more facilities.

   I can tell you one thing and that is that we wouldn't want to be in these facilities with our present health. People in these places are in much poorer condition. 

   However, I'm kicking the tires to see what's out there. 

    And I still hate shopping!