Sunday, November 24, 2013

Football Lost Me!

    Today is Gray Cup day in Canada. The final in the Canadian football League ( CFL ) is being played today. Football is a big deal in Canada. There are nine competitive teams and markets. The league has been in business for over 100 years. We could say that the game is well established in this country.

     However, I'm not watching the biggest game of the year in the CFL. I quit watching football a long time ago.

     I was a big fan of football. I played football in high school. I'm from Saskatchewan and was a big Saskatchewan Rough Rider's fan. I went to some games although I lived 200 miles from the city. The Rough Riders are in the Gray cup today. I'm not watching!

    I have watched some American football but I didn't get interested in it. American football has a huge following in Canada.

    What happened? I guess I changed and the game changed. 

    I lived in the arctic for five years. I was not able to follow the sport. I was still an avid Rough Rider fan. I moved again and was not in my team's area. I found other interests. Football gradually faded  away for me.

   I also found TV coverage to be a pain. There was too much talk from color men. There were too many long commercials. I just wanted to see the action. 

   So I have not watched football for at least 20 years. The game continues to grow. There are more fans than ever who enjoy the game. I'm happy that they get so much out of football. But foot ball for me is gone!

   My local followers will be razzing me tomorrow!