Monday, May 18, 2009

Old Guys Should Have a Paper Route

     Well, what in the world is he talking about now ? Paper routes are for kids!

    Well, not so fast . Work with me for a few minutes . After being retired for 12 years I decided I would like to do something different . Now I'm busy with many activities ...volunteering, reading , cycling , skiing , gardening , birding, listening to music . I didn't need something else to do . I just wanted to do something that I hadn't done before .

     So, I looked around for something which wouldn't interfere too much with my other activities . About the same time I thought needed something to get me out of the house in all kinds of weather because I was becoming too soft. So why not a paper route?

     I waited until a route became open beside my house . I started on Jan.2, 2009 . The day was minus 30 C with some wind . What luck! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was very comfortable in these conditions. I have never been cold . I am always too warm by the mid point of the route. I found other pleasant surprises . I look forward each day to doing the route . I get exercise . I meet and visit with my neighbors . I get tips for good service! Wow! I'd never had a tip in my life . The routine was new so I had to learn to watch for instructions about changes in the route . The pay slip was a real riddle to figure out.

     Saturday and Sunday mornings I can deliver early ...before 7AM. I am a morning person so this is enjoyable .

      Some things give you a good laugh . I was on a step one day and heard a little kid inside saying ,"Paper man! Paper man! Paper man!" That little kid will be mixed up for life .

     Sure there are a few downers . Flyers are a pain . The weight was much more than I expected so on heavy days I do the route in two sections. Sometimes it interferes with other activities .

      Over all, the experience has been well worthwhile . Now, to say all old guys should do paper routes is a bit much . However, there is a positive aspect which is well worth while.