Wednesday, December 27, 2023


      I was listening to a radio interview of a guy who's made a movie of Ernie Combs and his show MR Dress Up. Although the interview was to feature Ernie Combs, Mr Rogers had to sneak in. These two had awesome TV Shows for kids. Mr Dress Up featured puppets and humans interacting. Mr Rogers featured a neighborhood. 

      Both emphasized aiming all content and ideas at a child's level. 

     One of the features on the interview was the woman who had the puppets Casey and Finnigan . They did not have a script but talked back and forth with Mr Dressup.

      So today's interview was a reminder of these excellent shows. I immediately recognized the theme song that introduced Mr Dress Up. I would like to have heard Mr Rogers and My Neighborhood. 

       Now I didn't watch much of these shows but they had an impact on me and my kids. 

      I was also reminded that I had a Halloween costume of Mr Rogers. I quite often wore a green cardigan to school. It was exactly like the one Fred Rogers wore.

     The middle school kids had a Halloween dance and I was overseeing the door. I had gone home for supper and went back with the same clothes. Some kid got the idea that since was wearing the cardigan that they would make me Mr. Rogers. To make sure that everybody knew what was going on they Labelled me as Mr. Rogers. Too bad the scan was so poor and that you can't read what the label says.

     So today I enjoyed the interview about Ernie Combs and the reminder of my goofy Halloween costume. 

     Although these two shows were widely distributed some people in other countries may not be aware of them.