Sunday, February 27, 2011

You "Gotta" Listen to Vinyl Cafe

         The Vinyl Cafe is a CBC radio program hosted by author Stuart McLean. Stuart McLean believes that written stories should be read out loud to and an audience so that was the basis of starting the show. McLean also likes music and looks for up and coming new talent to perform on his show. So the show has two things that I like: a good story and good music.

        Stuart McLean has written a number of books which consist of stories that he tells. Some of them come from places he has travelled or from people he has met. He usually tells the stories in a humorous fashion.

      On Vinyl Cafe his stories are based on a family with two children and a dog. From this fictional family he can go in many different directions with the same basic characters. So the stories are called the Dave and Morley Stories. Sometimes it features the rather inept Dave and his misadventures or it could be the son Sam and his challenges in growing up. Of course, it's convenient to have neighbors the Churlingtons and the interactions with them. Dave's mother is still living so there are the visits and worries about his mother in Nova Scotia. It's convenient that when he goes back to Nova Scotia he can tell stories about his boyhood.

      Dave Played in a band when he was a young man and now he has a record shop for a business. So you see the Dave and Morley stories can go on forever.

     About one third of the shows are done before a live audience so they tour to all parts of the country. Tickets go like, well hot cakes! He also tours in the U.S. as well since his show is picked up by some American stations. Stuart tries to find local musical talent in the locations he visits . For example , when he's in Yellowknife he will find someone suitable in the area. I saw his show when he toured Red Deer and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

    So take a listen to the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean. I'm sure you"ll like it.