Friday, February 22, 2019


    Yesterday I received my Father's day gift from my son in law (sil). That's right!

    It works like this. My sil's mother died about a year ago. Apparently both his parents were not interested in family or relatives. I believe the family was quite small. Very few relatives attended her memorial. When the  sil's mother died about a year ago he started to look up the family.

    The sil has become very interested in researching family. As my daughter says he's gone down a rabbit hole. Every time I talk to him he's excited about what he has found.

    The sil knows that I'm interested in family history so he gave me a subscription to a family ancestry site that he uses.

    So now I'm off to find out all kinds of new things. Before 1990 my father's family did a family tree and they located over 900 of the family.

   My father's side of the family were German Lutherans who came to Canada from Volhynia in the Ukraine. Great Grandpa brought all his married children to Canada over a period of 15 years. Great  Grandpa had four sons and four daughters.

      Grandma and Grandpa about 1946

    First a couple of family members were sent out to scout the area. They sent back good reports and their wives and children were sent out. As money was gathered for fares others  made the trip. The  Mennonites in southern Manitoba were a great help to the family.

    After a number of years all of them relocated to the Esk area in Saskatchewan. Two of the families moved on from Esk but two sons and three daughters spent the remainder of their lives at Esk.

    Now my three brothers and some of their children are the only family members left in that area.

   Anyhow I expect to find a few things I didn't know. Maybe some of my followers come from German Lutheran families from the Ukraine!

  Anyway, thanks to my sil for an early Father's day gift.