Tuesday, May 11, 2021


    Since I've been scanning slides I've been getting all kinds of reminders about the past. Some things go together when you look back. 

     As you know I was a teacher in Canada's Northlands. The whole situation was a little different. We were required to take an oath. We were classified as civil servants of the Canadian government. So no two months off in the summer. We got 3 weeks holiday and had to work at something for most of July and August. Some of those old boys really knew how to fix those teachers.

    In the summer of 1964 I worked in "Stores" This was a very large operation as they ordered , received and distributed all goods brought into the north. For the first two weeks I did filing My job was to go to small settlements , meet the incoming barges and check off the freight.

   So about the time they thought the barges might be arriving they sent me out. I went with an electrician so they could save money on our transportation. 

   So the plan went off the rails when the barges didn't arrive. I went back out with the electrician.

   However, all was not lost. In fact, with a wink or two the plan went well. 

   I was going to Ft. Franklin on Great Bear lake. Did I tell you there was great fishing there. You bet! We fished every night. Notice the 34 lb lake trout I caught.

   The RCMP were there and leaving by going down the Bear river . I was invited to go along. There were 14 miles of rapids . Fun!

   The barge did not come into Ft Norman either  and by this time it was time to go back home. 

    So I had a great holiday and got to travel and fish. 

    The practice of keeping teachers for the summer was soon ended. 

                   Leaving. Do you notice the fishing rods?

                  Priest's potato patch in Ft Norman

                             The 34 lb trout


                                          Ft Franklin