Wednesday, January 9, 2019


   On many blogs I follow people have a post on New Year's resolutions. Today Beatrice at the Frog and Penquinn had a thoughtful piece on New Year's resolutions. And then she made 4 resolutions. Beatrice.

    I had been thinking about New Years Resolutions. Since it's now Jan. 8 I wasn't thinking very fast. Now I have been guilty of making resolutions in the past. None of them ever worked. But that brings me to a larger issue.

   What kind of person am I ? I have a good handle on this issue. I know that I'm disorganized. I know that I'm a random chaotic type. This has bothered me from time to time in my life. Every year when I met with my principal I would set a goal to become better organized. I would walk out of his office thinking he would help me. He thought I would do something on my own. So nothing ever got done.

    The disorganization is in my genes. My Mother was a world class clutterer.

   Now yesterday I listened to a program on organization. It really interested me. Marie Condo is world famous for organization and has written a book on it. Many people take Marie Condo's ideas and help people get their lives and houses organized. Discussion went around the value of being organized. This method relies on getting rid of stuff ...lots of stuff so that you are left with something more manageable.

    And then , what about those who are hopelessly disorganized. They actually found some value for the poor fellow like me who never has his desk cleaned off or the email inbox cleaned up. Did I feel good! They claim we know where to find stuff...not true.  What really happens is that we don't want to let things go. We are compelled to keep things and not put things away. we are afraid we'll lose them. The Micro Manager is supper organized. I hope I die before her as I'd never find anything in all her super organization.

    So whether you're a New Year's resolution maker or not , I hope you have a great 2019.