Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Do I Look on the Inside?

    I know how I look on the outside. Some hair is missing. Some hair is white. The face is wrinkled. Some large blotches are on my face because of sun exposure. I don't see as well as I did. My hearing is certainly impaired. A few of my teeth are missing. You know what I mean. We are familiar with our exterior appearance. Sometimes there's some disconnect with what's in our head as far as our looks are concerned compared to what we see in the mirror.  Seeing a recent picture of ourselves can really shock us sometimes.

    So my curiosity says I wonder what conditions are like on the inside. Do things have wrinkles? Do things turn color? It's hard to say if things turn color when we can't see them. Do things sag on the inside? Do things become misshapen like my mouth?  Do all things run tickety boo or are somethings a little stiff and misshapen like my hands?

    As one ages and you see the changes and  there comes a time when  you start to really wonder, " What's going on inside.?" I recently posted on Alzheimer's. How has our brain changed in a physical way? 

    For most of these things we never get a look. Now with modern technology we sometimes get a glimpse. A few years ago I had some kind of scope test where there was a good picture of my esophagus. There are supposed to be good healthy ridges which help to move the food down. The ridges on me are pretty well worn down and smooth. That was cool to see. By the way I don't have any trouble getting food down. So I started to think, "How many other parts  might be worn down?" 

    So I'm not serious about these conditions. I'm not worried. I'm just curious. I hope I don't make you worried.