Sunday, June 11, 2023


      This week I was trying to see if I could find some photos of Wakeham Bay where I taught for two years. Wakeham Bay was not above the Arctic circle but very isolated as far as transportation and communication was concerned. There were no phones in the settlement. 

    Okay, I found a site with many interesting photos and then in this group of photos , I said hey, that photo is mine. Yes , it was my photo with photo credits to Hiawatha House. This was a big surprise to me as I naively thought, or didn't think, that my photos would show up on another site. Yes, some of my readers might snag the odd photo but I didn't see my photos going any other place. 

     This was the photo that showed up under transportation. We where being ferried out to the icebreaker D'Iberville to have dinner with the captain. The big orange thing on the bottom left is the pilot's knee. 

       So then I started wondering. Is it good that my photos go wandering off to some group of photos. How would my photo be picked up? On the blog I have some family photos which if I think about it shouldn't just go off to some place I don't have control over. 

     So I need some opinions from some jailhouse lawyers. Do I prevent my photos from travelling ? How do I prevent my photos from travelling? What do you do with your blog photos.