Saturday, March 4, 2017


   Recently I have been very surprised by what I have experienced at the hands of our justice system. I have really started to wonder if our justice system works the way it's supposed to.

   Now I'm not a crook. But I am currently experiencing the wheels of justice and how they turn. I'll tell you that they don't turn very well.

   My crime is speeding. Yes,  photo radar caught me driving at 41 kmph in a 30 kmph speed zone. We're all surprised when out of the blue we get a speeding ticket in the mail. There were three things that caught my eye when I looked at my ticket(1) The quality of the photo was very poor. (2) You could not identify the location from the photo(3) something labeled 48 Ave NB didn't make sense. If it hadn't been for these three issues I'd have gone down and paid my $105.00 fine.

   So I started with some basic research. It took them 46 days to get my ticket to me. I found out that in our bill of rights we have the right to have justice in a reasonable time. A ticket is to be delivered in 21 days. I decided to fight the ticket.

   I met with a prosecutor and told him I would plead not guilty. He told me to go and arrange for a trial date. This was the most efficient of the whole issue. I then had to make an application for disclosure. These people looked at me if I a nut. I was not amused with these people. They didn't want to take my application for disclosure.

   Now I'd previously written about my issue with entering the courthouse and security. It was not a great day.

    This week I received an email out of the blue from the solicitor general's department. They were answering my Dec. 8, 2016 email. What really got me going was that the writer's name was not on the email. We phoned the solicitor General's dept and got nowhere asking for the name of the person who wrote the email.

     To say the least, I'm not very pleased with how our justice system functions.

     My court date is April 4. With the gong show I have been dealing with , I'm not sure what could happen at my court case. I am asking for the ticket to be withdrawn.

    Okay , stay tuned.