Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Heritage Ranch Visit

     A few weeks ago I visited Heritage Ranch hoping to see a few interesting, birds, plants and landscapes. I didn't find much and got sidetracked by horses so my post was on horses.

     Sunday afternoon I visited Heritage Ranch again with two friends. We didn't see much for birds. I don't know why? It's a good birding area. We did see a bald eagle. 

     I was able to stop talking long enough to get a few photos.

One of my favorite bridges. It's for cyclists,walkers and skiers. However it's just wide enough and plenty strong enough for a gravel truck to cross.

Going down the 100 steps to the valley floor.

A bend in the river where the bank is eroding. 

Part of the pond made from an old quarry

Bog orchid. I was surprised to find this bloom in Sept.

Now this was blooming lustily. A nickel to the first person who identifies it.