Friday, November 9, 2012

My confession is Needed

     About two years ago I made some posts on my great expertise with some electronic products. I proudly announced that I could set my digital watch. I could also set my bicycle speedometer. To top all this I could use my ipod nano!
Here I was two years ago smiling smugly about my accomplishment

     I did two posts on the ipod. I posted about how I would master the ipod and not go to the teenager across the street. Then I posted that I had successfully mastered the ipod. I had found out how to download music, tune in the radio, set the pedometer, load pictures and get pod casts.

    Now here's what really happened and I didn't tell you. The darn ipod would only run a minute or so. A couple of times it ran 20 minutes. I went through the manual several times to see what the problem might be.
I tried setting everything there was to set. I checked the timer. I asked my friend Tony to take it home and check it. Tony returned it a week later and said it works fine and by the way I took some of your music. I tried the ipod again and it was the same.

    I asked my daughter as she has an ipod. She had given me this one. She couldn't help me. I asked my son and he said he couldn't help me unless he could have it to work with.

    I was  confused, angry and frustrated. Here I thought I had mastered the tough things and now the thing only plays a minute.

    So there's my confession. I was not going to tell anybody this little secret.

   I finally found out what was wrong and I've enjoyed my ipod ever since.

    So can you tell me what was wrong with my ipod and how my problem was solved. The next post will have all the answers.