Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tough Gardening

       I watch with envy as gardeners further south  show plants that are well developed and I'm still shovelling snow. I'm posting about shoveling snow while others are looking forward to salads from the garden.

      I know that there are plant zones based different characteristics. I'm in a zone that has an average of 114 frost free days a year. The average day for the last frost is May 23. Plants must be hardy enough to with stand a winter temperature of minus 46 C (minus 45 F). However, for this post I'm not worried about that as I'm dealing with a vegetable garden with annual plants.

      I seed my garden about May 21. The soil temperature has risen high enough for germination to take place. Plant development is very slow until mid to late June. Then with long hours of  sunlight , the plants develop as if by magic. All of a sudden pea pods are ready to form. Lettuce and radishes have been eaten for a while. So we have long days at this time of year and that makes plants develop rapidly.

     We also receive most of our yearly precipitation from late May to early July. We receive annual precipitation of 12 inches per year. That's right...12 in per year! Since it comes at the right time we produce huge amounts of grain.

Corn is difficult to grow. This variety will get about twice as tall. 

Potatoes are starting to spread out.

Beans are not too far from forming pods, but the carrots haven't got started yet.

And I've got tomatoes on my plants!

       Do I enjoy gardening? You bet I do! I enjoy watching the progress of the plants and eating fresh produce from the garden. I hate the produce you buy in the store.