Friday, December 3, 2021


          Okay here goes with an idea on time.

          Every spring and fall we complain about time change. Less than two weeks ago a blog post contained a complaint about time change. 

         Our time system and time zones are not very old.  One hundred years go clock technology was very simple. The time pieces ordinary people used was not very accurate. You had to wind the clocks and watches to keep them running. If you forgot to wind the clock you either took a guess and set it or checked with a neighbor.

        Then somebody got the idea that if we adjusted the time twice a year , we could get more bang for the buck so longer daylight in the summer.

        In the last few years there's been much discussion about daylight savings time and standard time and changing to standard or daylight savings time all year. No nasty time changes. . Alberta had a referendum question on the ballot in this fall's civic elections. 

       So here's my solution. Technology to measure time has changed . Let's set up a time system that has the time change on our time pieces a few seconds every day. So , for example, from Jan 1 to June 29 the time would increase an hour by changing a few seconds every day. The change would be 0.32 minutes each day. Then from July 1 to Dec. 31 the time would decrease one hour by taking off a few seconds every day. 

      So there should be a chip in our time pieces that would control this slight time change each day. The chip would change your time throughout the day and you wouldn't notice it. 

     I hope this makes sense to somebody! Maybe somebody has thought of this before. Maybe there's something obviously wrong with my system. So tell me what you think. Is there a better way to achieve the twice a year time change?