Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prime Minister Harper: One Big Mistake

       For non Canadian followers you are welcome to skip this post as it is on Canadian politics.

       I very seldom comment on politics , but there comes a time when one has to speak out.

       I am very angry with Prime Minister Steven Harper. Steven Harper has some tremendous difficulties when it comes to communication. He evades questions. His answers are not connected to the question. He changes answers. This guy is a very poor communicator. Harper seems to think that by talking mumbo jumbo he fools people and can go on with his debatable policies. With the senate scandal, Harper has dodged, evaded and ignored question after question. He's provided no evidence. At least Duffy is coming up with emails and telling more about the issue. It's hard to believe someone who is extremely limited in his communication abilities.

      There are other issues where Steven Harper's credibility is severely stretched. Since the last general election there have been two issues that have been worrisome. Some of the Conservative candidates election spending has been over what is allowed. The Labrador Conservative member overspent his budget, resigned and was defeated in a bye election. Others have been accused of over spending and are fighting and delaying the issues as much as possible. Robo calls were done during the election to misinform voters. Those robo calls have a direct link to Steven Harper's party. Again the Harper party is delaying as much as they possibly can to provide evidence that is being requested by Elections Canada.

     I have watched with dismay the way Harper has treated our veterans. We have Afghan veterans who need support and treatment. They are being drummed out of the army as soon as possible so that the Conservative government doesn't have to pay for treatment or support. These veterans are given a lump sum payment and off they go. How mean and inconsiderate can you get?

    I expect to hear straight , honest talk from a Prime Minister. Is that too much to ask? I thought it should come with the territory.

    Steven Harper very seldom talks to the press. He limits conferences to five chosen questions. Is Steven Harper not confident enough to support his position? Is he showing a weakness? 

    It would seem to me that any Prime Minister has everything to gain and nothing to lose by open ,direct , and clear communication.

   I can no longer believe anything from This Prime Minister.

    I also find it unbelievable that the prime Minister's Office will find this little blog and check what I am saying?