Monday, March 28, 2016

Does Spelling Count?

     One of the comments on my post about cursive writing was on spelling. The comment was on her poor spelling.

     Now before I start off there's a caveat. I'm not a good speller.

    The comment was in reference to the use of spell check and that there was too much reliance on spell check.

    Spelling has become something very different since I taught language arts in middle school. Texting (Texting isn't on spell check) has brought about all kinds of weird inventions and shortcuts. I have trouble reading most text messages.

    Now I was one of the last to teach spelling. I thought spelling was important so I used spelling texts, rules and bribery. I had the usual test on a word list each week. If you had all words correct you got 110% . If you got three 100's in a row you could skip the next  lesson. I always had people who wanted to use the system. I was asked if they could get over 100% on their report card if the bonuses pushed up the average. I was the last teacher teaching spelling and I think it was important to give people spelling rules and skills. Many times people are baffled by spelling. For most things there is a rule.

     Now when it comes to blogs,
spelling errors are allowed. We are blogging for pleasure, not for marks! When we're using the computer , by all means use spell check. Keep on trying the choices until you find the correct spelling. 

      Some people write the way they speak which makes for an interesting realistic blog. They tell their stories from their own point of view and expression.

    Mostly , enjoy your writing. Have fun telling your story. Use the type of language and expression that gets your story across.

    Now when I gave assignments, I was often asked,"Does spelling Count?"  I had to say yes and no. You're not getting marked for spelling but good spelling goes a long way to a better assignment.

     Where do you stand on the spelling issue?

     Find any spelling errors in this post?