Thursday, April 16, 2020


        During this monster we are told to stay home, stay away from others and wash our hands often.

       So for hand washing how diligent are we? So how many wash for 20 seconds? How many use soap and go beyond the wrists. How often is often? I have to believe that handwashing is crucial in the fight against the pandemic. apparently this monster can live a long time as far as a virus goes. Soap does a good job of killing the virus. We are told to keep our hands away from our face. So just in case our had goes to our face it's better if it's a clean hand.

     Now , I'm not a good example of a hand washer. My lifetime record is not good. Where I was brought up water, soap and supervision were in short supply. My mother didn't have time to supervise those little hand washers so that it became a habit. On the farm , many times dirty hands were far away from soap and water.

    However, I have made a good effort to use lots of soap and water and wash often. I don't think I've got the timing down yet.

    I think we have to become vigilant with these simple procedures not to just prevent from getting the virus ourselves but from getting the virus and spreading it to others. Staying home is not fun but I can do it. Keeping a safe distance is not hard to do for me. I don't do the shopping. My wife reasons that it's better to have one person to sanitize than two . I can do lots of walking but it's easy to keep the proper distance when I'm outdoors.

    As this virus has gone on the wearing of masks has been recommended. You see more and more people wearing masks. There are many home made masks.

    We have to take all these precautions so that we only have to fight this monster once. I'm afraid that we will open things up too soon and have many more ill and double or triple the time that our economy is shut down.