Saturday, August 21, 2021


     I discovered you tube about five years ago. I'm not musical but I like music. 

     On you tube I found it fascinating to watch the music being played. I know that some musical performances were on television but since I don't watch television I didn't see performances. I soon found some great shows that I had missed. I always listened to Neil Diamond , but to see him in a show is at another level. 

      I've always like Eric Clapton. 

      When I started watching Eric Clapton there was a little guitarist  out front with Clapton. I watched quite a bit of Clapton and this guitarist was always there. Then I noticed that this guy was a master on the guitar. 

       I noticed this guy playing in other bands.

     Finally one day I said, "I have to find out who this guy is."

     Well I found him and he is Albert Lee. Albert Lee has a fantastic biography. He's from a Roma family and started paying piano and then branched off into the guitar. Lee has played in many bands and has done much session work. 

     He developed a way to play very rapidly.

     So how many of you have heard of albert Lee? How many of you have enjoyed his music?

     When Albert goes into one of his solos, he becomes very intense . When his solo is over and he's playing with the band the big smile comes back. 

     Look for Albert Lee and listen to him and I'm sure you'll like him.