Friday, May 17, 2019


      This is  long weekend for us. It's   had a few changes along the way. 

    Originally this was a week end to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. For a while it was celebrated on the exact date of Queen Victoria's birthday.

    After Queen Victoria died it became the time to celebrate the reigning monarch's birthday. That was a bit of a stretch as monarch's kept changing.  It's still the day to celebrate the present monarch's birthday. However, nothing happens in any way as a celebration of the birthday.

    Now the name has changed unofficially a bit. Many people just call it the May long weekend. In some places it's called a may two four  referencing a case of beer. It's the first long weekend of the season so most people look at it as an opportunity to get out and have fun

   The actual day has been mandated as the Monday before May 25.

   Most people look forward to this weekend as the first camping holiday of the season. Now here's where the water gets muddy. This is still early in the season so in many cases the weather is very poor. I've camped in the snow a few times on this weekend until I gave up trying to camp. 

   It can be awesome weather. The first time the Micro Manager and I camped on this weekend was 1967 and it was awesome weather. However, we were the only people in the campground. We rented a canoe and paddled all day on the lake.

   The present weather is very dull. We're supposed to get some rain and towards the Rocky Mountains it's supposed to snow.

    What am I doing this long week end? Well, of course , I'm staying home! 

    For those Canadians who've gone out camping , have a fun week end.