Saturday, April 18, 2009


     This morning I led a group of people on a bird walk south of the Red Deer College . This is an area of open grassland, Buck brush, riparian and willows ,aspen stands and spruce . It's a rich natural area with a variety of bird and animal life .

     This morning was windy overcast and about +5 C...not a nice morning to see birds as they tend to stick close to cover .

     However, eight people met and walked through the area for an hour and a half . Birders tend to be an optimistic type so they cheerfully set out .

     Magpies, crows and mallards were flying in the area as we began , but things were fairly sparse . We expected to see some spring arrivals such as tree sparrows, white crowned sparrows etc. We spotted a large black bird about a kilometer away which turned out to be a bald eagle . At about the same time a flock of swans flew by . We could hear a woodpecker tapping but couldn't spot it . We heard juncos and saw black capped chickadees . Several robins were also spotted . On our way back we were able to find the female downy woodpecker.

     So our morning turned out to be fairly successful.

     I will be leading a Saturday morning bird walk for the next five weeks . You never know what to expect .Sightings vary each year . No matter what these mornings are always pleasant .