Sunday, May 22, 2016

Let the 51st Begin

      The honeymoon is over Poochie Pie.  By Stompin Tom Connors

       Yes, the Micro Manager and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. I'm sure most people say , "They don't know where the time went." or "It seems just like yesterday we were married."

        So we were married in Inuvik NWT. Get your map out and look for that one. It was a bright sunny day and warm enough for not having to wear a coat. The anniversary day here was terribly cold and windy and you had to wear your winter coat to keep warm

        One humorous thing sticks in my mind. We went to the minister in Feb to get organized. We had to request that he marry us and outline plans we would have to have in place. At the same time were were getting the marriage license from him. He shuffled  around in his office and couldn't find the book with licenses. He thought maybe he sold the last one in his book? He would get some more licenses from another pastor,but he would have to charge us $2.00 instead of one dollar because the last couple hadn't paid him!!!

     So this is what it looked like at the start!

     And this is how far it has gone!

      So by now the honeymoon should be over!

       My daughter wrote:
           Through thick and thin:
           Arctic adventure, chores,
           and play, kids, grand kids,
           in-laws , outlaws, you
          made it all work. You gave us 
          something to aim for.

       My son wrote:
       Congratulations on your special's quite a milestone indeed. I hope it's filled with happiness, Best wishes from all of us on the left coast.