Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Fine Old Bridge

       Hilairy for The Smitten Image quite often advises, "Take your camera and stroll through your neighborhood." She tells us that we will find all kinds if interesting things to photograph.

      On Sunday I did about 20 kms on my bike instead of walk. I did find some things to photograph. However, I would find more if I walked.

       We have a large trail system in the city which was put together in the early eighties. Some interesting deals were made. The railway was moving out of downtown. This old bridge was in the way and the railway was going to take it down. So a deal was made that the bridge would remain and would be used as part of the trail system. The railway reconditioned the bridge and we were left with a bridge with fin decking that could be used for riding or walking. So the railway didn't have to go to the expense of taking the bridge down and we got a fine bridge.

     It's easy to imagine the huge black locomotive easing it's way across the bridge. I can hear see and smell the large beast. The bridge would creak and slowly bend and shift as the heavy locomotive made it's crossing.The bridge brings back many senses.

We don't see this style of steel bridge anymore.

A fine wooden deck was installed on the old bridge.

Serving on a sunny summer day.