Monday, September 9, 2019


    As most of you know, I taught Middle School for 37 good years. It was an interesting level to teach as you got to wear many hats and the clientele were quite changeable.

    One of the duties that came by from time to time was to look after fights. This was far from my favorite job. 

    Now the good city planners planned so that two middle schools were kitty corner to each other. One was a public school and the other was a separate school or Catholic school.

    So from time to time for whatever imagined reason a fight between the two schools was rumored to take place. Some of these gatherings took place and others were only rumors. But several times a year a crowd (100 kids) gathered .

    I had a classroom on the playground side of the school. I was told to watch the yard and if anything happened I was to go out. Another teacher was also given the same assignment. Ole weighed about 300 lbs and was 6' 4".

    So when a crowd gathered on the field Ole and I would slowly walk to the field. There were a number of reasons for the slow walk. One was to assess the situation. I always made sure I was a couple of steps behind Ole. I was a coward!

   We would walk to the edge of the crowd and it appeared like a small group in the center was in discussion. No punches or pushing. Shortly the group in the center parted and both groups went off in their own direction.

    These "meetings" were unpredictable. There's not a lot two teachers could do if there was a rumble.

    Our kids knew very well what happened if they ever fought or attended a fight. They also liked Ole and they didn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

    So we went back into the school and to the staff room. Some teachers always wanted to know what went on. Ole would always say with a big chuckle , "They called it off on account of lack of interest!"

   Now over all the years I never saw a punch thrown or any shoving.  It appears that most of it was about turf. I'll come on your yard and I'll chase you off our yard.