Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Can Make You Happy


     Yes, all I need to say is snow an a whole lot of people are happy for many different reasons. Some, like me, genuinely like snow. Those who don't get snow like it because of it's beauty. Others will say "Ha ,ha, He's got snow again."  

     It snowed overnight and we had light snow all day for a total of 4 in. (10 cm). It's been minus 9 C(7 F) all day.So I was out right after breakfast to clean up my driveway and walks. It's the first time I've had to shovel snow this winter.

     See my Nov. 6 post where I reported that we had a high of 17 C. I also predicted that my next day's picture might be very different. Well, it wasn't the next day but 4  days later.
     If I'd had time today I would have got the cross country skis out and set my ski tracks!

On my street

This nine year old has style in his shoveling even if my picture is fuzzy

Time for cleaning windshields

Power from the legs